Design Creationz is a local Qatari owned SME, established in 2013 by 2 visionaries, to bring and support the local community with the best of modest wear available locally and around the globe by presenting them in high quality events and exhibitions. In the process, Design Creationz revolutionized the local fashion market by creating a unique platform for local and international brands. This vision that was carefully planned and executed also saw influential speakers gracing our spotlight, showcasing the latest fashion, hosting valuable workshops, creating networking opportunities in a very dynamic and professional fashion.

Having successfully organized 42+ Events, 210 Gold Sponsors, 150+ Workshops and 500M+ Visitors of which there were 18 consecutive annual exhibitions. Design Creationz secured an exclusive and an enviable position within the local events/exhibitions market as it had built up a valuable and comprehensive database of both suppliers and customers.

We at Design Creationz, believe that we can be most effective by continuing to do what we do best and recognized for, organizing large scale successful exhibition – “We have the know how, We’ve got what it takes”.

Why attend Our Exhibitions


Partner with a credible and trusted event organizer with a proven track record.

Strategic Target Marketing

Effective Awareness Campaigns with Maximum Reach.

Niche Captive Audience

Exclusive Database of 35K+ Decision Makers

Have Fun Shopping

Provide opportunities to collaborate and create synergy with other suppliers

Gold Sponsors
Visitor Footfall

Our Events

7th - 16th Heya Arabian Fashion Exhibition


Laha Premier


Pavilion – Kuala Lampur

Oct 2015

Sheikha Hub ASEAN partnership

Oct 2015

The First Annual GCC Handicrafts Exhibition

Oct 2015

DCZ Sponsor & Partner dinner

Jan 26, 2015

Net-a-Porter QNB Appreciation Event

Jan 4-5 2015

Luxury Network New Year’s

Dec 14, 2014

Opening Event Maison de Joelle

Dec 10-11, 2014

Laha Trunk Show

Nov 30 - Dec 2, 2014

High-Tea at The Gate

Nov 16, 2014

Grand Store Opening

Per Lei Couture

Nov 6, 2014

Paris Photo Shoot

Debaj Collection

Nov 2014

1st Eiffel Tower Fashion Show

Debaj Collection

Oct 2014

Jade Gym Grand Opening

July 2014

Lanvin Grand Store Opening

April 9, 2014


Debaj Collection

April 2, 2014

Ghabga Auction Dinner


Aug 2014

Laha goes to London “I LOVE LAHA”

April 2014

Vogue Festival, London

Mar 30, 2014

International Fashion Showcase

Debaj Collection

Feb 14, 2014

Mayssa Maghrebi Photo Shoot

Debaj Collection

Dec 17, 2013

Spring Collection Launch

Marc Jacobs

Nov 13, 2013

Sheikha Hub Fashion Show

Nov 12, 2013

Heya Fashion Show


Jun 04, 2013